You will discover that The Gage Group brings a distinct advantage when local churches like yours obtain our professional services.

Spiritual Purpose

The Gage Group promotes a biblically based program that facilitates spiritual growth through prayer, participation and proportional giving to fulfill the greater mission of reaching this generation for the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Gage Group specializes in true customization. We will listen and learn your church's personality and methods for ministry. Like a custom-tailored suit, we design a program precisely to fit your church.


Setting up a campaign organization and managing the campaign process demands the skills that come only from experience. The Gage Group brings to your church the expertise to help you succeed.


The Gage Group consultant will function as the leader of the campaign organization. He is the coach, encourager and supporter of the pastor as he leads the congregation through every phase of this spiritual process.


After recruiting your campaign team, they must be adequately trained and managed through the campaign process. The Gage Group consultant will provide easy-to-use materials to train future leaders.


A Church usually gets only one chance to conduct a successful campaign. Avoiding shortcuts, false starts and failures is crucial to achieving the results desired. The Gage Group's professional approach gives valuable direction, saves you time and helps you achieve the true giving potential of your church.

Objective Viewpoint

As you determine the purpose and the potential of your project, it is valuable to have a professional viewpoint. Our consultants are qualified to examine all the parameters of the churches people and ministry and to provide objective solutions.