Directed by an experienced consultant, this customized approach ensures your campaign will be effective and lasting in its impact both spiritually and financially. Directed by an experienced consultant, this one-fund generosity approach ensures your church increased growth, giving and ministry impact. 2 proven campaign strategies at one high impact workshop. You will be instructed and completely equipped to lead a successfully campaign.

God has given you a vision for the future -- a vision of expansion and growth with great potential to be realized. He has opened many doors of opportunity, but these opportunities create new challenges. You need more resources to touch more lives.

For more than two decades, The Gage Group has solved these unique challenges with creative, flexible and customized solutions to resource your church's spiritual and financial goals.

The Gage Group offers your church three proven and affordable options, each of which provides the benchmark qualities that make The Gage Group America's premier stewardship consulting company today.