Campaign Strategy

The Gage Group strategy includes five essential elements that have succeeded in thousands of churches.


Some churches begin with a clearly defined purpose for their campaign, but many ask for assistance in fine-tuning their direction. Clarifying the purpose is a crucial first step in a successful campaign.


The Gage Group assists the pastor and campaign leaders in scheduling, training, promoting, and providing a biblical foundation throughout all phases of the campaign.


Church history reveals that prayer has preceded many of God's great works. Though The Gage Group strategy is based on time-tested leadership principles, we never take God's blessings for granted. We trust God to lead every aspect of the campaign, from the first step to the last.


The pastor will make formal and informal presentations to the congregation throughout the campaign. The primary purpose of the presentations will be to provide valuable information and inspiration that engage the hearts and minds of God's people.


The key to a successful campaign is the maximum participation of people praying, finding a place to serve, and giving generously to God's work. As they embrace the church's vision and follow God's direction, they will want to be involved and make a difference in people's lives.