Campaign Phases

The Gage Group campaign structure is approximately a four-month process followed by a one, two or three year giving period. A longer period can result in a significant reduction in the interest level of the people, and attempts to take shortcuts are seldom effective.


  • Design Campaign
  • Set Calendar
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Print/Multimedia Development


  • Pastor's Preparation
  • Train Leadership Team
  • Enlist Volunteer Teams
  • Vision Casting


  • Prayer Emphasis
  • Pastor Sermons
  • Bible Study Lessons
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Group Meetings


  • Commitment Service(s)
  • First Fruits Offering Service(s)

Giving & Follow-Up

  • Ensure Program Visibility
  • Publicity Materials
  • Incorporate New Families
  • Annual Commitment Service(s)
  • Special Offerings