Capital Campaign Consulting

The Capital Campaign Approach is our turn-key consulting program that features a customized focus to your unique vision for ministry and future building projects. Directed by an experienced consultant, this approach ensures your campaign will be effective and lasting in its impact – both spiritually and financially.

The Gage Group consultant will provide leadership with onsite training meetings, participate in donor presentations, conference calls and unlimited email support.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Analyze Giving Potential
  • Design & Customize Campaign Calendar
  • Assist In Selecting Campaign Leadership Team
  • Conduct On-site Training Sessions For Campaign Leadership and Volunteer Teams
  • Supervise the Preparation of all Promotional Materials (Graphic Design, Printing, Video Production, 3D Animation & Social Media)
  • Donor Development
  • Pastor and Staff Preparation
  • Team Training Re-cap Emails
  • Post Campaign Evaluation & Strategic Planning


  • Campaign Training Materials
  • Online Campaign Management System
  • Campaign Printing and Multi-Media Communication Samples
  • Prayer and Bible Study Materials
  • Sermon Series Samples
  • Pastor Presentation Samples

The consulting fee is a fixed flat fee based on the scope of the project and annual giving of the church. Our fees are all inclusive and are paid on a monthly basis.