Campaign Results: $770,000

"When I heard about the Campaign Workshop and the services offered, I knew it was the way we needed to go. The training materials are concise, practical, contemporary and complete. In following their plan we received $770,000 in pledges over three years and $120,000 in our First Fruits Offering. This is definitely the way to go!"

David Cooke, Lead Pastor
Cold Springs Community Church, Placerville, California

Campaign Results: $400,000

"When we became aware of the Campaign Workshop approach of training our leaders to guide a congregation through a self-directed campaign, we signed up! We were enthused by the professional training and we executed the campaign according to the proven strategy. Our campaign was a success! However, the Fruits Offering proved phenomenal. On Palm Sunday we were stunned when our congregation responded by giving $126,000. That offering proved our people were prepared to support this building project."

Glenn Butler, Pastor
St. Luke United Methodist Church, Enterprise, Alabama

Campaign Results: $5.2 Million

"As the Senior Pastor and I discussed the pro's and con's of utilizing a consultant for our campaign, we concluded – no one knows our church like we do therefore, we attended the one day workshop and we are glad that we did. The information provided was comprehensive, and the results speak for themselves! Not only did we meet our goal, we exceeded it. I would highly recommend the Generosity Campaign Workshop as an effective tool to facilitate your next campaign."

Larry White, Executive Pastor
Lenexa Baptist Church, Lenexa, Kansas

Campaign Results: $763,855

"This was the first campaign for our 150 year old church and it was the first time the congregation was asked to fill out commitment cards for their contribution pledge. After a land offer was on the table to purchase our property and we realized there was no strategy in place to raise funds to relocate until we found out about the Campaign Workshop. Thank you Paul Gage for giving us the knowledge, materials and confidence to have an effective campaign."

Nancy Keeth, Executive Minister
Fourth Avenue Church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee

Campaign Results: $1,354,000

"Our church has been through four consecutive three-year campaigns. After using another campaign company the first time, we went with The Gage Group for our last three campaigns. We found that the Generosity Campaign Workshop was far superior to our experience with a traditional consultant. The workshop was more effective in preparing my staff and volunteers to lead other...and less expensive! We built our first and second buildings because of God's grace and The Gage Group."

Pastor Vince DiPaola, Senior Pastor
Lakeshore Community Church, Rochester, New York

Campaign Results: $1 Million

"I can highly recommend the Campaign Workshop for those churches looking for an effective, easy to follow, campaign program. Our people committed $1,000,000 to the campaign. We spent less than $7,000.00 to conduct the campaign which included the training seminar, banquet and in-house printing. Our people were so pleased that we were able to do this campaign on our own. Thank you, Paul Gage, for putting together such an effective approach to capital fundraising."

Nolan D. Carrier, Pastor
South Gate Church, Springfield, Michigan

Campaign Results: $23 Million

"The Generosity Campaign Workshop was excellent and helped us focus on the pre-campaign planning and building leadership momentum before launching our campaign. The resource materials helped us design our campaign to fit our church. The current results are $23 million in cash and commitments. I highly recommend this workshop to any church considering a campaign."

Mike Robinson, Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

Campaign Results: $598,000

"Recently, Wonderful Mercy completed our campaign and I wanted to let you know the results. First off, our church averages about 210 people on a given Sunday and 59 families made 3 year pledges of $598,000 with a $77,000 cash offering. I just wanted to thank you again for the creative approach you take in having churches come and learn rather than hire a consultant. May God continue to bless your work."

Bob Blayter, Associate Pastor
Wonderful Mercy, Gilbert, Arizona

Campaign Results: $6,400,000

"Our experience with the Campaign Workshop was outstanding, and it greatly enhanced our momentum and growth. The presentation and content were straightforward and non-manipulative. We easily adapted the training materials to fit our church and the campaign was a complete success, raising $6.4 Million."

Mike Meeks, Senior Pastor
East Lake Church, Chula Vista, California

Campaign Results: $1.6 Million

"Recently a sister church in town told us they had been through five campaigns and the best one they ever had was also one they actually ran themselves with the help and coaching of The Gage Group. Seeing their results, we were immediately interested. The fact we could be trained and use our own people was important to the kind of church we have in Collierville. We not only raised our goal but got our whole congregation involved in the process. We will definitely use the Generosity Campaign Workshop again."

James M. Holland, Senior Minister
St. Patrick Presbyterian Church, Collierville, Tennessee

Campaign Results: $1.3 Million

"Having been through four stewardship campaigns in 25 years this campaign was enthusiastically received by our members and the results have been marvelous. During the workshop Paul Gage suggested we challenge our congregation with a missional component in our campaign to retire debt. We did just that and included $225,000 over the three years for mission ventures and continuing care for our campus. The people have responded beautifully with $1.3 million dollars pledged. The Generosity Campaign Workshop has proven to be a wise stewardship decision for our congregation."

Jack Glasgow, Pastor
Zebulon Baptist Church, Zebulon, North Carolina

Campaign Results: $4,175,000

"I was very impressed with the detailed training materials and the way Paul walked us through the campaign phases. This strategy works! Our campaign has been a tremendous success raising three and a half times our budget. Today, our relocation is now a reality thanks to the Generosity Campaign Workshops."

Todd Colucy, Business Administrator
Sugarcreek Free Methodist Church, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Campaign Results: $2 Million

"The money needed to hire a full-time fundraising consultant would have been a huge stumbling block for our church and our expansion project would probably have never left the drawing board. Attending the workshop and using the resources provided by The Gage Group gave us the tools to run a campaign at a fraction of the cost burden. As a result, 18 months into the campaign we are enjoying a new church addition. I highly recommend and endorse the Campaign Workshop concept."

Nick Ruotolo, Campaign Chairman
Faith Church, Milford, Ohio

Campaign Results: $3.5 Million

"Our experience with the Generosity Campaign Workshop was wonderful. Paul did a great job of walking us through the campaign process with the training materials. The money we saved from not using a traditional consultant was invested in campaign brochures, an excellent multi-media presentation, as well as other high-impact materials. We reached our goal of $3.5 million, and we are indebted to The Gage Group."

Tim Watson, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Longview, Texas

Campaign Results: $1.2 Million

"I had led our church through one campaign before and now preparing for a second one. We didn't want to spend the money required for most professional consultants, but wanted to get some help for this campaign. The materials provided in the Generosity Campaign Workshop and the one year consulting partnership were perfect for our needs. I would highly recommend this resource to others."

Steve Newman, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Lodi, California

Campaign Results: $1.6 Million

"After four campaigns in the last 15 years, we needed some "fresh eyes" to help us think through our approach. The proven strategy presented by Paul Gage helped us achieve significant financial results for our project. Even though we've used traditional consultants in the past, we probably won't in the future since The Gage Group workshop provides the training materials, calendar, and motivation ... and saves big bucks in the process!"

Bob Fetterhoff, Senior Pastor
Grace Brethren Church, Wooster, Ohio

Campaign Results: $2,360,792

"Our congregation was overwhelmed with the generous giving and spiritual growth experienced during the campaign. We are a 420 member church, with an annual budget of $660,000 this year. Our total commitments were: $2,360,792 with a First Fruits offering of $623,957. I truly appreciate the spirit and the excellence of your training workshop."

Mike Moses, Senior Pastor
Lake Forest Community Church, Cornelius, North Carolina